Perdue grant helps local athletes living with disabilities

Perdue grant helps local athletes...

SALISBURY, Md. - Athletes Serving Athletes, a non-profit organization helping disabled locals compete in various sports, received a brand new trailer today.

The $7,335 trailer was granted by the Perdue Foundation and it will help the organization take their equipment to various competitions.

ASA said their previous trailer was too small and beat up and because of that, it was hindering the growth of the organization. That's why they sent in a written application to Perdue for this grant.

Participating athletes are excited about the new trailer and are looking forward to everything it will bring.

Jay DeBerardinis, a Supply Planning Manager at Perdue said, "This should let them serve more than twice as many athletes just in this one vehicle and if I know them, they'll probably need a bigger trailer in a few years because they are just an amazing group."

Terry Moreno, a member of Athletes Serving Athletes said, "So the new trailer is going to allow us to bring more equipment, support more athletes through whatever their desires are for whatever races they want to do, and it's going to allow us to allow more folks to be involved."

Athletes serving athletes says they are always looking for more people to get involved with their organization.

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