Parents look to address concerns over fights at Wico. Co. schools

Parents look to address concerns over...

FRUITLAND, Md. - Caught on Camera. Punching, kicking, and screaming. A video captures a fight inside Bennett Middle school.

"The kids come home with the stories. A fight in the hallways, there was a fight today, there was a fight in so and so's classroom," says Tiffany Knupp, a concerned parent. 

The Bennett Middle school parent says she's tired of fearing for her daughter's safety, which is why she is teaming up with other parents to find solutions to the continuous reports of fights at the school. Parents are calling on school officials and the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office to help address this problem.

"Concerns of our parents are definitely concerns for us, and those concerns echo concerns my deputies are having right now at our schools," says Sheriff Mike Lewis.

School officials tell us they haven't seen an increase in incidents at Bennett Middle.

"There has been no particular uptick in bullying incidents or fighting incidents at Bennett Middle School," says Paul Butler, the Director of Communication for Wicomico County Public Schools.

However the overall numbers in Wicomico County schools are still troubling.

"We average between 1,200-1,400 calls a year in our schools. Keep in mind that's primarily in our high schools, some in our middle schools, and every now and then in our elementary schools," says Sheriff Lewis.

Parents are taking action and have organized a meeting Tuesday night to voice their concerns. They hope to brainstorm ideas with the community of ways to create a safer learning environment for students and teachers.

"We can't do this alone. We need our board of education we need our staff and Doctor Hanlin's office to address these concerns," says Sheriff Lewis.

Sheriff Lewis will be at the meeting as well as representatives from Wicomico County Public Schools. 

Parents say Tuesday is just the first step in addressing these concerns. They expect to continue meeting and even establishing a committee that addresses this issue.

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