Ocean City Officials push for dualization of Route 90

Ocean City Officials push for...

OCEAN CITY, Md. - Ocean City officials appeared before the Worcester County Commissioners as well as State Highway officials on Tuesday to suggest that Route 90 become a 4-lane highway. 

Ocean City officials said they have been trying to dualize the roadway for years. Their main concern regarding the busy highway is public safety.

Since Route 90 is currently a two-lane highway, it presents a greater threat of severe head-on collisions.

Ocean City officials said that if for some reason the highway gets closed down due to something like an accident, it would force EMS personnel and the Fire Department to use other routes, making their job more difficult.

Jessica Waters, the Director of Communications for the Town of Ocean City, said, "I think the Mayor and Council have continued to push those points and continued to express their concerns and we are hopeful that the County Commissioners will be open minded and hopefully move forward with the dualization of Route 90 as well."

If the dualization project gets approved, Ocean City officials said it would take several years to complete.

They said would rather begin construction as early as possible to avoid any future tragedies.

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