New wheelchairs provide beach access to everyone

New wheelchairs provide beach access...

OCEAN CITY, Md. - A new, one-of-a-kind wheelchair is now being rented out by a company called Sand Helper in Ocean City.

The new wheelchair is helping provide beach access to those with mobility issues.

The electric wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick. They feature four-wheel drive and can drive over most anything as if it were concrete.

Sand Helper’s Owner and Operator, Nick Ousborne, said the company is a family project. He said the idea for building the beach wheelchairs came when his grandmother and aunt became unable to walk on the beach.

Just six weeks ago, Ousborne started renting out the original electric wheelchairs to the public, and they have already been a hit.

Ousborne said seeing the reaction of people who use the wheelchairs are priceless. He said, “People are really ecstatic about it. You know, many of them haven’t been on the beach in you know, 5-plus years and now, they have the ability to control a vehicle on their own and drive over the sand so they’re all very happy about it, yeah.”

Ousborne said he is hoping to expand to more beaches other than just Ocean City next summer.

He is also hoping to grow his business overall.

You can find more information about Sand Helper here.

You can like Sand Helper's Facebook page here.

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