New community center replacing Calloway Gym

New community center replacing...

SALISBURY, Md. - A long-time facility used for youth recreational activities is being demolished, but that's because they are building a brand-new community center in its place. 

Starting Friday Calloway gym, a staple for the Salisbury community, is making way for a brand new community center. 

The Calloway Gym has been a place for kids to come and play for years, but after a thorough evaluation by an insurance provider earlier this year it was determined that the 51-year old building needed to be replaced.

But for Jermichael Mitchell, who's been mentoring kids at Calloway for years, this new community center is a big step for the kids in the area. 

"It's an honor to get it back. A lot of those kids are looking forward to having it. I have my own Lions club called Pride Lions Club, so we'll be starting a Leo's club in our community for those kids to be a part of and learn some things but its just a long time coming," says Mitchell. 

The new community center will be a part of the Choices Academy. There will also be a much needed parking lot built as well.


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