Nat'l Guard breaks ground on new Easton armory

Nat'l Guard breaks ground on new...

EASTON, Md. - The army national guard is upgrading in Easton. They broke ground Friday on a new readiness center.  

The center will house two units D Company an infantry battalion and DET 1, a composite supply company.

The new center will be built on the old grounds of the Easton Armory that was built in 1974. 

The $17.3 million will feature state of the art space designed to support today's Army units.  

The center will also house a State Veteran's Honor Guard team.

"When you come back to a readiness center that's state of the art, that has all the accouterments and amenities that support their mission, their continued mission, I think it speaks volumes and I think that's exactly why this is important not just to our troops but the community in which they live in and serve in," said Leigh Williams, Deputy Secretary of Energy of the Department of General Services.

The project is expected to be completed by December 2018.

Officials say they don't predict construction will cause any traffic problems in the area.

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