Mayweather-McGregor fight's local effect

Mayweather-McGregor fight's local effect

SALISBURY, Md. - The mega-fight is almost here. 

Mayweather and McGregor, years in the making, hits TV screens on Saturday. For boxing and MMA fans, it's the celebration of the two sports. 

Floyd Mayweather, undefeated and the wealthiest boxer ever, and Conor McGregor, the first UFC fighter to ever hold two weight class titles at the same time. Many on Delmarva are split on who they want, though. In a quick survey done by 47ABC, a 50/50 split. But for those who have over 3 decades of boxing experience, like Hal Chernoff of Main Street Gym in Salisbury, they know who the real favorite is.

"Floyd is supposed to go in there and completely outclass this guy, should be able to stop him in the mid-rounds if he wants to," Chernoff said. "A lot of the things you do in MMA that you wont do in boxing; help setup punches and a lot of the striking that you do and all of a sudden you take that all away from McGregor."

Mayweather and McGregor is just the main event. There are 7 other fights that will take place tomorrow, one with a name that would have sounded familiar to a lot of Salisbury boxing fans. Sean Porter, an Akron Ohio native who's career took off at Chernoff's gym in town, was supposed to fight on the under card with Coach Hal in his corner. But, a family emergency sidelined him.

"They called me up and asked me if I would be in their corner and doing cuts and wrapping hands and things like that, so I've been with Team Porter," he said. 

Even though Coach Hal can't make it, him, and millions of others, will have their eyes on Vegas Saturday night for this spectacle.

"This isn't supposed to be hokey. these two guys are supposed to go in there and they're supposed to stop each other," Chernoff added.

The bout is being nicknamed the "money fight" for a reason. Yes, it'll line their pockets with hundreds of millions of dollars, but local bars and restaurants, like Brew River in Salisbury, will be cashing in. For $10, you gain entry to watch the fight, which is a lot cheaper than buying the $100 Pay Per View on your own.

"We're actually going to draw a bigger crowd than the superbowl and even some of the past fights. There's not a lot of places showing the fight, ya know, everybody shows the super bowl, but with this it's only a few places," said Mike Brittingham, GM of Brew River.

Bars and restaurants only can buy a restaurant version of the Pay-Per-View where the price is based off of seating capacity. Some around the area are not showing it because of that heavy fee, but Brittingham says that Brew River has received at least 300 calls in the last week alone about the fight.

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