Maryland's minimum wage to increase again

MD minimum wage to increase again

OCEAN CITY, Md. - Maryland workers will see a larger paycheck now that the minimum wage as of July 1st will increase to $10.10. 

According to Maryland state law, minimum wage will go up by a dollar each year until July 2022 when it reaches 15 dollars. 

According to local businesses, the increase does not really hurt them and it benefits seasonal employees.

"If you are doing good business, I don't mind to pay 10 dollar minimum wage," said the Ocean Mist's Manager, Naginder Choudhar. 

"When you do good business I don't mind to pay," said Choudhar.

"We have lots of kids working here Irish and European kids, and they're all doing fine, and no one is going to get laid off or anything," said the Golden Plate Sub Shop Manager, Jasmine Yilmaz. 

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