Maryland preps for hurricane season

MD preps for hurricane season

MARYLAND - As we approach hurricane season emergency management members came together in Ocean City to start their annual planning. 

One of the things discussed is importance of communicating with local emergency operation centers to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Several days before a hurricane even hits  both the local emergency operation centers, as well as the state emergency operations center and Delmarva's emergency operations center will start to start to gear up.

"We'll start communicating with each other and start setting up staging areas and laying out the strategy of how we're going to go with this storm depending what the forecast is and then we communicate continuously throughout that," said Russell Strickland, executive director for Maryland Emergency Management Agency.

One of the entities emergency management agencies work closely with during a storm is local electric companies.

Delmarva Power said over the past three years they've spent $425 million in modernizing their power line system and over $50 million in vegetation management and removing limbs near power lines.

One of the recent additions they've made is brining in smart grid technology. 

"It's equipment that is programmed that if a problem is sensed out on a power line it can instantaneously restore power to customers now it might not restore power to all customers, but it will at least isolate a problem to immediately where it occurred," said Jim Smith, senior public affairs manager for Delmarva Power.

As hurrican season approaches people at home are encouraged to start making safety kits with things like non-perishable food and water and come up with evacuation plans.

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