Maple Elementary School in Cambridge performing during Baltimore Ravens game

Maple Elementary School in Cambridge...

CAMBRIDGE, Md. - Christmas is just 4 days away and one set of students are getting the greatest gift of all. 

We’re talking about the marching band from Maple Elementary School in Cambridge, who are now local celebrities.

They were featured on Good Morning America, now they are getting another chance to showcase their talents in front of thousands. 

The Lions are practicing to create a roaring performance for the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens reached out to the marching band two weeks ago through a simple email. 

4th grader, Cassidy Williams, says" I'm like nervous and happy at the same time because I don't want to mess up on the field."

"I'm feeling really really nervous because it's a stadium where there's a lot of people there so I don't want to mess up I don't want to drop my flag," Cherish Hill, a 5th grader tells 47 ABC. 

To make sure that doesn't happen, they're putting their game faces on to perfect their craft. 

But they have an extra band member during practice, as the Ravens Video Department is highlighting the band. 

The team's biggest trophy of all is when they finally get to perform Saturday with the ravens band. 

With the holiday season, the group isn't performing their regular tunes. They are embracing the spirit of the little drummer boy. 

Music teacher, Ray Washington says, "When we get there we’ll march into the stadium and do the pregame and then the drum line will perform between the 3rd and 4th quarter."

This story that started with the gift of music has slowly turned into the best present of all for Maple Elementary School. 

The Lions have marched in a number of parades and have won 6 first place prizes. 

The Ravens game will take place at 4:30 this Saturday at M&T Bank Stadium.

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