Man charged in alleged assault with bottle of dish liquid in Talbot Co.

EASTON, Md. - A man was arrested, after police say he hit his sister with a bottle of dish liquid during an argument about her cooking, in Talbot County.

The Easton Police Department says, on Wednesday, officers responded to the 500 block of Glenwood Avenue for a reported domestic assault, in Easton. Once on scene, police says they noticed 35-year-old Sarely Perez-Reyes, of Easton, sitting on a chair and crying. 25-year-old Isai Perez-Reyes, of Easton, was reportedly in the same room and appeared to be calm. Authorities report that Sarely was bleeding from her swollen and discolored eye.

According to the report, the brother and sister, both residents of the home, were involved in a verbal argument over her cooking. During the argument, Isai then reportedly grabbed a Dawn dish liquid bottle and hit Sarely twice in the eye.

Isai Perez-Reyes was apparently arrested and charged with assault second degree. He is currently being held at the Talbot County Detention Center without bond.

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