Male role models come to Woodson Elementary for the first day of school

Male role models come to Woodson...

CRISFIELD, Md. - It's the first day back to school and Carter G. Woodson Elementary in Somerset County has formed a new initiative to encourage students on their first day back.

It's called Million Father March.

It was inspired by 10 men who met in a Chicago church basement eight years ago.

The program has grown from 40 cities in 2004 to over 700 in the past several years. 

And now, Crisfield is joining in. This is their first year starting this program.

All these men from different walks of life, hoping to provide the same message to serve the community as positive male figures.

The assistant principal Terra Taylor says, "This is such a female dominated field especially in our area, so it’s just nice to see males that are supporting them and see males have their back and they know If they need someone that these are people that I can possibly talk to and the more they interact with them, the more they’re going to feel."

As students came walking up to school Tuesday, these 30 men gave high fives and shouted out words of encouragement and positivity.

"It’s very impactful because you don’t what people deal with when they come from home. We don’t know if they have a father at home or a male figure at home, or a positive male image at home and even if they do it’s just always nice to have an extra person who you feel like is on your side," Taylor tells 47 ABC.

These men are all from different organizations, like churches or police departments. Others, just fathers and grandparents wanting to be apart of something bigger than themselves.

They believe this is step one in building relationships with community partners for the rest of the year. 


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