Made On Delmarva: Uncle Jon's Soap

Made on Delmarva: Uncle John's Soap

BERLIN, Md. - Jon Conley, known as 'Uncle Jon' by locals, has been making bath and body products the last 6 years, but he admits it's a business he had no plans of dabbling into.

"I've never thought I'd get into making soap," says Conley.

Conley tells us it all got started with his wife wanting to use more natural body products.

"One day out of the blue asked me to make bath soap, so I said sure. We started out with the soaps, and laundry soaps, and a few very easy things to make at farm markets, and local craft shows to help supplement our income, then it just kind of took on it's life of it's own. The more I did, the more people liked it," says Conley.

Conley eventually opened a storefront where you can find an array of bath and body products, but the biggest thing that caught our eye is their shaving line.The line looks to bring back a nostalgic feel.

"So with traditional wet shaving it goes back to a time when it was more of a ritual than just the mechanics of getting the hair out of your face," says Conley.

In order to bring back those old school suds, Jon makes shave soap. The soap is used with a brush to create a thick frothy lather before you shave.

"It's sort of like shave cream, in that you get a puffy substance to shave off," says Conley.

To create it, Conley starts by melting different oils and butters.

"In the bowl we add coconut oil, tallow, and shea butter and we melt those to get liquid," says Conley.

He then mixes in glycerin, castor oil, fragrance.

"We are using pipe smoke today, which is a caramelized pipe tobacco smell," says Conley.

He then mixes in lye water and stearic acid until it reaches a thick custard-like substance.Conley lets the soap rest for a few minutes and then bottles it into containers

He says it takes a day for it to fully harden before it is packaged and labeled and ready to hit the shelves.

For more information on Uncle Jon's Soap click here.

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