Made On Delmarva: PRS Guitars

MOD: PRS Guitars

STEVENSVILLE, Md. - From humble beginnings in the 1980's, to now a state of the art factory, PRS Guitars has been music to everyone's ears.

"We're global, we are just in about every country in the world right now," says Jamie Mann, the President at PRS Guitars.

Paul Reed Smith is the brains behind the company. He started out by repairing guitars, then building them, and eventually getting them to the hands of prominent figures in the music industry.

"Carlos Santana was the first one that really fell in love with Paul's guitars, we had Pat Travers, Ted Nugent, of course the big one we have now is John Mayer," says Mann.

For the company, it's not all about the big names that play their instruments. They like to focus on the quality that goes into creating them.

47 ABC saw first hand how they make their guitars.

"This will start off as a solid piece of wood. We'll cut it down in the center and open it up," says Shawn Nuthall, the Customer Tech Support Manager at PRS Guitars.

We're told they use different types of woods to build the guitar. The wood is placed in hot rooms to dry out and then glued together to form the body of the guitar. Pressure isapplied to the wood and then gets a rough cut before going into a CNC machine.

"Once the guitars come out from the CNC machine we give them to these folks, they are our body sanders," says Nuthall.

The CNC machine will also cut the neck of guitar. The fret board, neck, and body are then glued together and then it is ready for some color.

"They might put black in, let that dry out and sand it out. And come back with the blue, red, or something over top of it," says Nuthall.

After the dye, the guitars get a polyester base coat and are sent to get buffed so they can get a shiny finish. Once the guitar is polished, the electronics go inside.

Throughout the process, the guitars go through a series checks to make sure that they not only look good, but also sound good.

Once the guitars have passed all inspections, they go inside their case and it's time to rock and roll!

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