Made On Delmarva: 4hirteen Beauty

Made On Delmarva: 4hirteen Beauty

SALISBURY, Md. - Lillian Gaston is the brains behind 4hirteen Beauty. She says almost overnight her business really started to bubble. 

"I was a little surprised it was a hit instantly I just kept making things overtime," says Gaston, the owner of 4hirteen Beauty.

She admits, jumping into the business side is fairly new to her, but doing research on safer and more natural body products is something she's done for some time.

"I was looking and there wasn't too many brands that did not have the harsh sulfates or parabens in their products. I figured I guess I'll just do my own. I've just spent a lot of time researching different things, testing them out to see if they work," says Gaston.

One of the products she's rolled out is a sugar scrub.

"People wonder, is it really made with real sugar, and I'm like yes! With the sugar scrub the purpose of it is to exfoliate your skin.  When you exfoliate your skin, the scrub actually takes off all the dead skin, that's at the top layer of your skin,' says Gaston.

Gaston has transformed her kitchen space into a science lab, using it to test and tweak her products. 47 ABC got a look at how she creates her popular sugar scrub.

"I'm going to start with some melted shea butter," says Gaston.

Lillian then adds glycerin and a foam base.

Gaston continues to mix it in order to distribute all the ingredients evenly, and then goes one of the main ingredients. Sugar!

"This is 6 cups of sugar. It is going to yield eight 8 ounce jars," says Gaston.

Once the batter is nice and thick, she adds in the oils. For the fragrance she uses a mango scent.

Finally she uses a few pinches of coloring, mixes it, and then it's ready to go into the containers.

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