Local yoga studio holds blindfolded, self-aware yoga class

Blindfold Yoga

Local yoga studio holds self aware...

OCEAN CITY, Md. - It's a yoga class that's all about you to stay in turn with your body, mind and spirit--but with a twist.

"It's a chance to do yoga without being distracted by external stimuli," says Yogavibez instructor, Rebecca Sirman.

She says its yoga for self-awareness or rather blind-folded yoga. Page Rogers described the class as a way for her to almost reset her clock.

"Going into the class I was a little anxious. It was definitely out of your comfort zone," Page explains.

Something I can attest to, as I'm definitely not an expert, but that's what Sirman says the class is all about.

You have to go through vulnerable moments to become self aware and that's exactly what we did by focusing on four senses.

"The first is touch or physical awareness. We'll do a little self massaging and we'll basically explain how your body feels physically," says Sirman.

Plus writing in our journals on how our bodies felt whether we were sore or in pain, whatever the feeling, staying in tune with our bodies. Then it was all about sound by breathing deep and fast.

"The third one is vision, so that's obviously what you see, and then we will do the flow without the blindfolds on for that part."

This seemed to be a breeze for everyone, except me but that wasn't even the hardest part.

"And for the last one its your emotions, so how you feel inside," says Sirman.

This meant doing those same poses but with blindfolds on forcing us to use our other senses to continue.

Although I guess my other sense weren't too intact.

But by the end, folks like Page say it brought feelings of accomplishment and empowerment.

"After class I just feel very grounded and just ready to start my day. I just feel a lot more alive."

She says experiences from this class can transcend into her day to day life.

"You can relate a lot of your practice and how you do things through practice in real life. Like today making yourself vulnerable with being blindfolded and kind of setting yourself up for not being perfect and not doing things the way you usually do."

This is the first time this year Yogavibez has held a yoga class for self awareness.

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