Local residents 'pound' away calories at Salisbury YMCA

Pound class at the YMCA

SALISURY, Md. - In Salisbury, one class offered at a recreational center has caught the attention of local residents, that's because it has them pounding away calories in a fun and unique away.

Sunday afternoon, sticks went up and hit the floor at the Salisbury YMCA

This is not a drumming class. It's one of the newest classes offered at the YMCA known as POUND.

"It is a high impact cardio workout that involves, squats, lunges, a lot of core work. We do leg lifts, as well as use our arms, and drumming back and forth," says Hannah Hooper, the POUND pro instructor.

Hooper tells us this full body workout is done with drum-like sticks called Ripstix. She says the Ripstix weigh about 1.5 lbs. and add to this upbeat workout.

"If you're taking it low impact you are still probably burning between 400- 500 calories, but if you're not modifying it at all and doing exactly what I'm doing the whole time entire time, full force, full energy you're probably burning close to 900 calories an hour," says Hooper.

Hooper  also says you don't need rhythm to participate in the class.

"We don't call them mistakes, we call them drum solos, but we crank that music loud so that people are a little less self-conscious if they do end up getting off-beat," says Hooper.

Violet Margarita-Goldkamp, tells us she loves to attend the POUND classes, "It's fun the energy in the room is amazing , it makes me feel powerful, banging the floor.'

Hooper tells us they've recently  added more classes because of the how popular it has become. To see Salisbury YMCA's full class schedule click here.

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