Local group holds Pro-Trump rally in Worc. Co.

WEST OCEAN CITY, Md. - Saturday morning, a couple dozen of residents held a rally in support of President Donald Trump.

Folks gathered  along the intersection of Route 50 and Stephen Decatur Highway in West Ocean City. The rally was organized by the Main Street Patriots of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The purpose of the it  was to stand in solidarity with President Trump and to show support with his recent policies.

"No one in our group has a problem with immigration, as long as it is legal. We want people to come here legally. We want people who come here who want to be Americans. Not just within the geographic confines of  a America, but the ideals that America was founded on," says Carol Frazier, a supporter of the rally.

Supporters of this rally also tell 47 ABC that they would like more people to give President Trump a chance as he completes his first 100 days in office.



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