Local elementary school hosts first 'Guys Night Out' event

Local elementary school hosts 'Guys...

SALISBURY, Md. - It was all fun and games Friday night at prince street elementary as they held their first ever Guys Night Out.

Over 60 third, fourth, and fifth grade boys headed back to school Friday evening for a night filled with March Madness basketball, food, games and even paper airplane contests.

Besides all the fun, important life lessons were also thrown into the mix.

School advisor, Joseph Raffa, tells 47 ABC that they also gave a lesson on empathy.

Raffa says, "We're going to play some sports, watch some basketball, we're going to do a lesson on empathy so they can get what it feels like to put yourself in other people's shoes. We have some pizza popcorn and homemade chocolate chip cookies for them."

Although this is their first Guys Night Out, Raffa says he looks forward to doing events like these again in the future.

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