Local dog show bringing in more than just canines

Local dog show bringing in more than...

SALISBURY, Md. - The city of Salisbury is going to the dogs this week as thousands of four legged friends are competing in the Eastern Shore Classic dog show. 

From big to small, dogs of all sizes and breeds can be found at this year's Eastern Shore Classic dog show and they're showing up in big numbers. 

"Five days, five shows and it's multi events that run from Wednesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day and there's going to be over 2,000 dogs total for the week," Bill Gilmore from Talbot Kennel Club continues, "varied breeds from all sizes from miniature dogs up to god New Finlands dogs so big you can hardly fit in the elevator with it." 

But this dog show is bringing in more than just extremely pampered four-legged friends.

"You can figure every dog brings more than just one person along. There's usually, you know, they bring a lot of people along with it and they've got to eat and stay somewhere," explains Jerome Milko of Salisbury MD Kennel Club. 

Gilmore, the hospitality chair for this dog show, says people are coming from all over the east coast booking hotel rooms and bringing business for local restaurants and gas stations. 

"We've booked over 100 rooms and hotels here in town so that's a big impact...even the local restaurants you'll see get a big kick. The parking lot is full of motor homes and campers and RVs and everything like that and that's actually a boom to the diesel, believe or not the gas people and even the drug store people." 

Money that's directly helping our community. Money that these dog lovers don't mind spending because this event is so much more than just a dog show to them. 

"It's more than a hobby you can say it's a passion, but really what it is is a calling for people that are involved in it and that motivated and understand the importance and the great societal benefits that it brings to having dogs in our lives," says Milko. 

The dog show will continue until Sunday and is open to the public. It is being held at the Wicomico County Civic Center. 

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