Local crews work to clear downed trees

Local crews work to clear downed trees

SALISBURY, Md. - It may look like a winter wonderland but the snow covered trees turned downed branches made for a very busy weekend for first responders and the city's field operations.

The call volume was at least double if not more of what we would normally have in a course of a day, says Asst. Chief Brian Records.  

Emergency Crews hard at work clearing not just the seven inches of snow Salisbury received this weekend, but several downed trees too.

That effort took in all about 250 tons of road salt at a cost of about $25,000. We also responded to a number of locations where we had downed trees and power lines, explains Tom Stevenson, Director of Field Operations for Salisbury.

Many streets in Salisbury are still riddled with fallen branches.

Stevenson says, As of right now we have probably twenty locations we've responded to in terms of downed trees we continue to work on cleaning those areas up.

If any Salisbury residents are planning on burning those downed trees, you may want to reconsider since there is no burning allowed of any kind within city limits, although Wicomico County is a little different.

They would like you to stay at least 250 ft. from any existing structure. They want you to watch it and have some sort of extinguishing agent, a hose or something like that while you're doing it, says Asst. Chief Records.

There is an alternative for the next week the city of Salisbury will actually pick up those downed trees in your yard free of charge.

Cut it into four foot lengths, bundled, tied, weight not to exceed 45 lbs. and the diameter of any of the limbs or branches should not exceed four inches, explains Stevenson.

So if you still have fallen tree limbs go ahead and contact the city of Salisbury and their field operations will come and pick those up for you.

The field operations team is warning residents to watch out for charged limbs.

If you go to cut a tree up and you noticed it's by an energized power line, check and if there is a problem contact your energy company.

For more information on the bulk pick up free of charge just contact Salisbury's Dept. of field operations on Salisburys website or by calling 410-548-3177.

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