How to take care of yourself during pollen season

How to take care of yourself during...

DELMARVA - Well because Delmarva is in the peak of spring, we are also right in the middle of allergy season.

If you haven't stepped outside in two weeks, or you haven't been able to look around, that's the only way you wouldn't have noticed all the pollen everywhere, and even if you didn't see that, you've likely noticed all the people rubbing their eyes and sneezing.

Because of that, 47abc decided to talk to an asthma and allergy doctor at PRMC, Curt Watkins who discussed when we can expect pollen season to wind down and how people can take better care of themselves while its here.  Doctor watkins recommends that people take full advantage of antihistamines and nose sprays. He also recommends that people use salt water.

When Watkins was asked when the season took effect, he said it took effect with the high temperatures last weekend.

He says, "we've had very high pollen counts for this week. The latest was over 650 pollen grains, which is very high for trees. Grasses are not out yet, so there's been a little bit of mold out right now, but this week has been arduous."

Doctor Watkins says that if we get rain or colder weather that will drown the pollen out.

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