Harris defends GOP healthcare proposals

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Representative Andy Harris (R-Md.) responded to criticisms of Republican efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare Wednesday in a phone interview with 47abc.

Harris claims GOP House and Senate plans increase Medicaid funding by about 50 percent over the next ten years, adding the plans leave some decisions to the states to "pick up more of the costs of the Medicaid expansion."

Harris says the Congressional Budget Office's score of a repeal and replace by the GOP is "inaccurate," mainly due to the idea that states will not agree to pay their fair share of Medicaid expansion costs, but Harris thinks otherwise.

"I think that you're going to gain efficiencies by not having the heavy hand of Washington regulation telling a state how exactly how they're going to deliver Medicaid most efficiently in their state."

The debate centers around the quality of coverage provided by the federal government versus state government.  Harris believes states will "cut back on the 15 percent of fraud and abuse that exists in the Medicaid system," and says those savings will be used for providing better coverage.

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