Hammond Taylor found not guilty in the murder of Tavin Molock

Hammond Taylor verdict 022118

WICOMICO COUNTY, Md. - Hammond Taylor is a free man. 

The jury finding Taylor not guilty on all 32 charges, including first degree felony murder. It's something even Taylor's family didn't think would happen. 

Taylor's mother telling 47 ABC she had no faith in the justice system but now she does.

On July 30, 2017, Molock  was punched, kicked, and beaten with a prosthetic leg then later stabbed, leaving him face down in a yard on Bethel Street. 

During Taylor's trial, co-defendant Brandon Yarns testified that Taylor participated in the fight. Yarns claiming Taylor threw a punch and a couple kicks.

But on Wednesday, Taylor took the stand, telling the jury he never laid a hand on Molock. 

With the state unable to provide physical evidence, the jury ultimately believed Taylor's testimony over Brandon Yarns', allowing Hammond Taylor to walk free. 

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