Groundbreaking takes place for new J.M. Tawes Career and Technology Center

Groundbreaking takes place for new...

WESTOVER, Md. - A big day for Somerset County. Finally after fours years of planning, the groundbreaking of the new J.M. Tawes Technology and Career Center in Westover took place today. 

The old facility has been there for 40 years and despite being fully operational, the board of education felt that their students needed more space for technological needs. 

This new center will be double the size of the original one and three more programs will be offered. 

The existing location is currently shared with the Board of Education staff and once the new center is completed, the building will remain as the central office for Somerset County Public Schools. 

Supervisor of Facilities of Capital Planning of Somerset County Board of Ed, Daniele Haley says, "It's the biggest project we've done in somerset county, so it's a huge deal. The other counties surrounding us have state of the art facilities, somerset county is the last county in Maryland to get a facility of this level and we need it desperately."

Originally the Board of Education was stuck between renovating their existing location or building a new one, but eventually decided it was best to create this state of the art facility. 

The project is slated to be done in two years. They hope to move in the summer before the 2019-2020 school year. 

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