Grade schoolers taking time to aid HALO

Grade school kids taking time to aid...

FRUITLAND, Md. - Fourth graders from the North Salisbury School will be collecting donations Saturday at the Fruitland Walmart, all donations will go to HALO in Salisbury.

This is part of their Destination Imagination project where they can pick from several challenges, and these children chose to help homelessness.

The kids will hand out water bottles and a list of items that you can donate to help out their cause.  Those items include canned vegetables and hygiene products.

"We wanted a way to get more donations because we're making little packets for the homeless people," says fourth grader Joshua Strickland.  "We kind of wanted to get more stuff just to give to HALO.  Because we have a good amount of packets."

If you wish to donate to Joshua's cause, they will be in front of the Fruitland Walmart from 9 PM to 1 AM Saturday.

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