Fruitland Baseball brings Puerto Rican team to Salisbury

Fruitland Baseball brings Puerto Rican team to Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. - The Fruitland Baseball this weekend welcomed with open arms a team all the way from Puerto Rico to play ball in Salisbury.

The kids flew from the island free of charge, and it is all thanks to the efforts of the local non-profit organization, the Eastern Shore Force.

"I got a phone call about six months ago from a man named Berto from Puerto Rico and for six months we've been talking about bringing his team down from Puerto Rico to the United States and that dream has come true," said the President of the Eastern Shore Force, Bill Atkinson.

It was the teams first ever trip to the United States, and according to the team's baseball coach, the trip couldn't have come at a better time.

He said the game is helping distract the kids from all the devastation left by Hurricane Irma last year.

"I just take all that bad stuff that happened over there and bring the child some joy by training them and taking them to the field so that they can forget all the things that happened," said the team's coach, Gustavo Mangual.

"Here we got terf and that's really nice, and we get the chance to play in a great field, so that's just cool enough to show off our abilities," said Mangual.

According to Atkinson, bringing a Puerto Rican baseball team to Wicomico County is a huge milestone, and he hopes to bring even more teams to the area in the years to come.

"It's an opportunity for the kids, and for kids locally and from Puerto Rico to play baseball is just amazing, and we're going to get bigger," said Atkinson.

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