Fire fighters and police respond to blaze at home in Snow Hill

Fire fighters respond to blaze at...

SNOW HILL, Md. - An ordinarily quiet Snow Hill neighborhood was flooded with fire trucks and police officers responding to a home fire on Monday.

The fire broke out at 303 Belt Street just after 2 PM.

Snow Hill fire fighters tell 47ABC they were able to contain the blaze with help from several other fire companies in just about 45 minutes.

The fire chief says he believes the fire originated from the home's chimney.

William Heiser, the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department's Fire Chief said, "I had a small fire behind a chimney. Definitely started around the chimney area. The guys had to pour out water in the chimney, but the fire has been contained to the chimney."

Luckily, fire fighters say no one was injured as a result of the blaze.

Fire officials say you can prevent chimney fires by doing simple things like regularly cleaning your chimney, using dry wood instead of wet wood and burning the hardest fire wood you can find.

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