FCC proposing new robocall rules

DELMARVA - Thirty Attorneys General across the nation, including Delaware's Matt Denn and Maryland's Brian Frosh, sent a letter to the FCC regarding potential new rules to screen robocalls.

Robocalls have become the number one complain the FCC receives from consumers.  It is something that is seen all-too-often in Wicomico County, according to Lt. Tim Robinson.

"We usually get a couple of complaints a week where somebody says somebody tried to scam them."

As a result, the government agency is taking steps to protect consumers from potential scammers.

The FCC has requested a public comment period on rules that would allow providers to block several types of 'spoofed' calls, or calls that appear to come from one source, but are actually coming from a hidden number.

Under the rules, companies would have clear guidance on blocking unsolicited calls from numbers that have been requested to be blocked and from invalid, unallocated numbers.

"We want people to be getting actual important calls on their phones, and we've gotten a lot of complaints from people that the quantity of these junk robocalls has been escalating, so we're encouraged that the FCC is looking into taking some action to cut down on them," said Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn.

Lt. Robinson with the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office says this would be needed help.

"As new trends are appearing, then we have to take new steps to combat it... As the tactics of these scammers are changing we need to get more tools in our toolbox to deal with it."

Robinson says "it's getting to be a pain" with the amount of calls coming in regarding citizens receiving robocalls and phone scams, adding the calls are very hard to trace.

When asked what the warning signs are that you are dealing with a scammer, Robinson says the obivious sign is high pressure put on by the caller.

If you want to make your voice heard on the matter you can post your comment to the FCC on Docket No. 17-59.

You can find the document online at

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