False tsunami warning hits the East Coast

47 ABC - This morning many people along the East Coast got a scary notification. It was a push alert saying there was tsunami warning.

A viewer from Millsboro sent a photo in warning them about the potential natural disaster. Luckily this was just an error. 

We're told this was a glitch during a routine test, which caused the message to look like an actual warning. 

The National Weather Service says a private company took a routine test message and sent it to people's phones as an official tsunami warning.

The National Tsunami Warning Center sent a test message around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. Users of the popular Accuweather app then got a false tsunami alert. 

The tsunami warning center is part of the National Weather Service, which says it's investigating why the test message was sent as an official warning. The weather service says the false alert didn't appear on any of its communication channels.

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