Empowering women through art

Empowering women through art

OCEAN CITY, Md. - Ocean City's Art League Center for the Arts premiered its exhibit of The Divine Feminine, devoted to the empowerment of women through art.

Included in the building-wide display was a slideshow of the women's march in Washington D.C., an installation where individuals wrote what they thought feminism meant to them and their lives and much more.

All profits from the exhibit go to women's charities.

Deborah Rolig, Curator of The Divine Feminine, says the inspiration for the event came out of frustration.

"I conceived this idea out of frustration, really, as an abstract artist.  I felt like I didn't have a venue to show my art.  I always felt like the outsider mixed in with ... landscape artists (and others).  So it was out of frustration trying to have a venue that would take me and the rest of my crew in and feature our artwork and what we do."

Roligt says she considers the exhibit a success, and that people are eager to "try something new on the menu."

"Women have something to say.  And I think that women have been afraid to express themselves creatively and this gives them the opportunity to express themselves freely and be accepted," said Rolig.

The exhibit is on display until May 27.

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