E.C.I. aims to hire 50 CO's at career fair

ECI aims to hire 50 new CO's at Career Fair

SALISBURY, Md. - To combat short staffing at Eastern Correctional Institution the Maryland Department of Corrections (DOC) will be in Salisbury Saturday holding a career fair.
DOC secretary Stephen Moyer said they're aiming to add 50 new correctional officers to work at the prison.

Currently Moyer said that all the shift are adequately staffed at the prison, however some employees are asked to work overtime to accomplish that.

However it's not just correctional officers they'll be hiring. Moyer said they'll also be accepting applications for I.T. positions, human resources, dietary officers, jobs in the mental health field and more.

"This department never had an active recruitment effort like this, it was always come to headquarters, go to the local prison you know fill out an application, what we're doing is we're leaning forward and we're trying to bring people in to show them that here's a career opportunity," Moyer said. .

The process for getting hired starts with filing out an application, taking a test, then completing an background check and polygraph test before a final interview.

Moyer said previously they've had trouble with applicants making it through that process because of a rule stating that applicants could not have used marijuana more than 20 times in their lifetime.

Since January 1 though that rule has been changed to only disqualify applicants who have used marijuana in the past three years.

The event will start at 10 am and go till 3 pm at the Salisbury Art Space at 212 W. Main St.

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