Easton's MSP K-9 cemetery getting revamped to honor their furry friends

Easton's MSP K-9 cemetery getting revamped to honor their fu

EASTON, Md. - Behind the Maryland State Police Easton Barrack, lies some history that's ready to be unleashed.

Just in their backyard, an unattended cemetery had sunk into weeds and vines but now community members are bringing it back to life.

It stands as the only MSP k-9 cemetery in the state of Maryland.

The president of the MSP Alumni Association, Jack Howard, says this tale goes back to the 60's. 

"K-9s came in to being in the Maryland State Police in about 1961 after World War II when other police departments were using dogs like they did in the jungles for the war," Howard says. 

The cemetery was then established in 1968 right here on the Eastern Shore.

Throughout the years, the withered blocks became camouflaged in the trees leaving it stone cold. 

But recent inspection, fueled some action. 

The Maryland State Police Alumni Association, the Boy Scouts of Troop 130, and community members have linked up to revamp it. 

Each dog including Labradors and German Shepherds have been identified. A total of 18 are placed there. They will replaced the stones with placards.

They hope it can be a way to treat their long lost friends with the honor they deserve. 

They are collecting donations, they hope to create a walk way to the cemetery. 

Once it's complete, the cemetery will be reopened to provide a home to the incoming K-9's. We're told 4 are currently waiting. 

A re-dedication ceremony is planned for early spring. 

Donations to support the cause are still being accepted by the Maryland State Police Alumni Association at:

K9 Cemetery
1750 South Plantation Drive 


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