Easton man arrested in connection to alleged assault with shed door

EASTON, Md. - A man was arrested, after police say he assaulted his girlfriend using a shed door, in Easton.

The Easton Police Department says on Sunday, officers were dispatched to a neighbor's house, on Aurora Street, in Talbot County. Once on scene, police say they found 51-year-old Brenda Stango, of Easton, with an ice pack on her left wrist. Authorities report that her wrist was swollen, bruised, and bleeding. 

Easton PD says they learned from Stango that she was involved in a argument with 51-year-old Christopher Till, of Easton, her live-in boyfriend, as he was jealous over Stango when they were at a party earlier. According to the report, while back at their home, Stango attempted to get away from Till when he slammed her wrist in a shed door causing her injuries. 

Stango was later taken to the University of Maryland Shore Medical Center by paramedics.

Till was arrested and charged with domestic assault in the second degree. He is currently being held without bond.

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