Man arrested after reportedly attempting to steal over $400K in Easton

EASTON, Md - A man was arrested, after police say he attempted to steal over $400,000 by using a Talbot County bank's bill payment system, beginning in July 2017.

The Easton Police Department says on August 2, officers responded to the People's Bank's, in the 200 block of North Washington Street, in reference to a fraud, in Easton. Police say that bank representatives reported that on July 31,  a man, later identified as 47-year-old Corey Cooper, of Easton, came to the bank, opened a checking account, and left. According to the report, on July 24, Cooper returned to the bank with a check for $1,084.00 from Pentagon FCU, in Alexandria, VA. Authorities say they learned that the check was returned as not honorable due to the account being closed.

On that same day, two more checks reportedly came in the mail from the bank's bill payment system. Both were apparently from the same account at the Southern Bank, in Judsonia, AR. Law enforcement reports that both checks were written out to Cooper, one for $9,864 and another for $8,999. The following day, Cooper reportedly came to the Easton bank to withdraw $18,000 in cash.

According to Easton PD, on July 26, the People's Bank was notified that the account at The Southern Bank was closed, and the checks deposited by Cooper was not authorized. 

Police report that on July 31, Cooper wrote an online bill payment check to Wells Fargo, in Keyport, NJ, in the amount of $7685. On that same day, Cooper reportedly wrote another online bill payment to the Polish National Credit Union, in Chicoppe, MA, for $6,756. Officers say another payment was made out to Wisconsin Bank and Trust, in Fitchburg, WI, for $6,654. Additional attempts to make online bill payments were allegedly made by Cooper.

According to the Easton Police Department, the total amount of Cooper's attempted online bill payments were approximately $403,733. Police report that the account was frozen by the People's Bank prior to these payments being made. The total loss suffered by the People's Bank was reportedly $504.63.

On November 25, Cooper was arrested on an outstanding warrant which was issue for this case. He is charged with three counts of forgery of private documents, two counts of issuing false documents and three counts of possessing a forged document.  

Cooper was ordered to be held on a $5,000 bond.

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