Easton home perishes in fire, neighbors react

Neighbors react to Easton home fire

EASTON, Md. - A quiet Easton neighborhood was anything but Sunday afternoon. A house on East Earle Avenue completely engulfed in flames.

Firefighters were hard at work as white smoke filled the air.
"It was powerful and people just stood on the corner with their jaws on the sidewalk, you know, just helpless to stop it," says Kessler Bickford, a neighbor. 

64 firefighters fighting the blaze for two hours while neighbors couldn't believe what they were seeing. 

"The street was full of fire engines and more full of fire hoses. There were two boom trucks, hook and ladders one was way above the house and the other one was over here just constantly shooting water at it," says another neighbor Paul Scuderi.

The owner of the house Roberta Lilly, is a local surgeon according to neighbors, she was not home when the house went ablaze. 

But unfortunately the house wasn't the only thing that perished in the fire her dog did too.

"To lose the house is tragic, to lose a companion like that has to make it even more so," explains Scuderi.

Seeing this quaint house quickly turn to ashes reminded the community that tragedy can strike at any moment. 

"The flames were thick and it just reminded you of how fragile life can be and of what you have and just remind you to pray for your home, pray for your family, pray for your neighbors and cover them with blessings, that's all we can do," explains Bickford. 

They pray something good will come out of this. 

"I really hope that out of the ashes for her comes some sort of new life, comes some kind of hope, some kind of light," says Bickford. 

Neighbors are already trying to help anyway they can. 

Some are already trying to find her a place to live. Others are letting her know if she needs anything, they are prepared to help. 

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