Drivers flood streets of Ocean City despite H2Oi event being cancelled

Drivers flood streets of Ocean City despite H2Oi event being cancelled

OCEAN CITY, Md. - An annual event called H2Oi recently announced that it would be postponing until next year due to a last minute change in venue. That didn't stop thousands of motorists from making their way into Ocean City to show off their rides.

The Ocean City Police Department told 47ABC that they called in their allied agencies to help them control the massive event. 

Lindsay Richard, the Ocean City Police Department's Public Information Officer, said, "The main thing that we see during weekends like this are reckless driving, negligent driving, spinning tires, speeding, so we just encourage people not to do that and they won't be, you know, stopped by any of our officers."

The Ocean City H2Oi event was officially cancelled for this year, but unofficially, people still celebrated the well-known event.

A H2Oi participant named Jayjay Thakar said, "If you're anything to do with cars, H2Oi is like definitely talked about, whether it's from the east coast, west coast, north, south, it's like really talked about. People here come from all over the country to be honest."

Drivers said that they haven't intended on causing any trouble in the city. Adel Hassan, another H2Oi participant, said, "The crowd definitely changes every year. More people driving, you know what I mean reckless, but um, I don't know. We're just trying to be out here having fun, you know what I mean? No one's really trying to cause anyone some harm."

At the same time, however, drivers admitted that they did expect to get in some trouble with police during the event. Thakar said, "If you're coming to H2Oi, the number one thing you're already like aware of is you're going to get ticketed. You're going to get some kind of fine, some kind of warning, ticket, or something in general."

Drivers said the events cancellation didn't deter them from coming down. Thakar said, "It's all about like us just meeting up and having fun so."

Members of the Ocean City Police Department said that not having a venue actually made things on Coastal Highway more hectic. 

Richard said, "One problem we could see from the event that from the official event being cancelled is that they may just cruise the Coastal Highway all day, so we are seeing quite a few traffic stops."

That's part of the reason why the Ocean City Police Department called in for back up. Richard said, "We really appreciate all of their help because this late in the season we don't have as many seasonal officers to help us so we wouldn't be able to patrol um all of here vehicles if it wasn't for their assistance."

The unofficial H2Oi event will last until Sunday.

H2Oi isn't the only car event Ocean City Police are preparing for. The Ocean City Endless Summer Fall Cruisin' event is coming up next weekend, and police said they are busy getting ready.

They said they're expecting the event to bring hundreds of cars and thousands of people back into the town of Ocean City.

The OCPD said they will once again be teaming up with other police stations to control that event as well. Richard said, "We can expect our roadways to be very busy next weekend as well, so with these with all these motor events in Ocean City, again, we really encourage people to drive safe be cautious be aware of all of he vehicles around you and we hope for a safe weekend."

Following next weekend's event, Ocean City Police said the beach town should officially begin to quiet down for the off season.

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