Dogs allowed on the beach/boardwalk in Ocean City during off-season

OCEAN CITY, Md. - Colder weather along the shore means it's time to gear up for the offseason. 

In Ocean City, that means your furry friend is allowed to tag along on those trips to the beach. 

In O.C. dogs are allowed on the sand, in the water, and on the boardwalk until April 30th. 

But there are several ordinances, required by the animal control unit. 

Your K-9 must be on a leash at all times and that leash cannot be longer than 8 feet.

You also have to pick up after your dog both on the beach and the boardwalk. 

So if you happen to head out with your furry friend, make sure you take the baggies and play by the rules. 

Tips from the Animal Control Unit:

  • When out with your dog and meeting other dogs, ask the other dog owner if it's ok for your dogs to meet. 
  •  Know your dog, if your dog isn't friendly around other dogs, children, deaf, etc; think about getting a collar, bandana, or leash that says caution, deaf, go slow, or not dog friendly, etc. There are many on the market available to buy and they are a great safety aid. Muzzles aren't a bad tool either. 
  •  If you see a service dog, do not approach them, they are working and not to be disturbed. 
  •  Use caution with how much saltwater and/or sand your dog may ingest it can cause and upset stomach. Recommend carrying water with you.
  •  Remember not everyone likes dogs.
  •   After finished on the beach, recommend hosing your dog down to rinse off sand and salt water that can cause dry skin and/or irritate their paws.


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