Digging out fire hydrants can help first responders during an emergency

SALISBURY, Md. - Over the last several days, Delmarva has seen an accumulation of snow racking up. 

When plows come through, snow may be moved and piled up in certain areas. And that snow may be adding onto fire hydrants, which could be causing more work for our first responders. 

Salisbury Fire Department is asking the community to dig out any fire hydrants that may be near your home. 

We're told this time of year has an increase of fires. When first responders arrive at the scene, it's their job to find those hydrants to get water and put the fire out.

But if they're covered, it will cause a delay in accessing more water. We're told their fire engines have water in them, but a limited amount. Those hydrants offer extra water supply. 

We're told in city limits, this is a priority resource for them. 

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