Death threat e-mail scam alert

Death threat e-mail scam alert

Salisbury, MD. - An e-mail scam is currently going around that comes off as a death threat. The sender claims that they've been hired by someone to kill you and describes themselves as a hit man.

The scammer will write that they are offering you a chance to live only if you pay them a certain amount of money. They also add that you only have three days to pay them the desired amount.

The Wicomico County Sheriff's Office says the e-mail is in fact a scam and that you should not give out any information about yourself and that you should simply ignore the e-mail.

"Don't reply back to an email with any personal information because once you do that you have no idea where it's going. If  you feel threatened you should contact your law enforcement agency but again from what I've seen from this particular incident we don't take it credible whatsoever," said Lieutenant Tim Robinson.

Robinson also added that he sees scams like these all the time, and that many of these e-mails originate overseas.

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