Day 3 of Daquan Dickerson trial

Day 3 of Daquan Dickerson trial

SALISBURY, Md. - Day three of a murder trial involving 21-year-old Daquan Dickerson wrapped up Thursday. Dickerson is accused of pulling the trigger in the death of Keonte Gaskins last May.

Both of Dickerson's alleged accomplices have already pleaded guilty for their roles in the murder and both have already taken the stand.

Perry saying during his testimony that Dickerson and him were both the shooters.

The most prominent thing we heard Thursday is that there wasn't enough DNA to prove Dickerson was the shooter.

It's something the defense is relying on because they believe the state does not have enough evidence to prove their client is guilty.  

The day started out with the state calling three detectives to the stand. All three testified that Dickerson, Savage, and Perry were in phone contact throughout the crime, starting the day before the actual shooting.

The state using phone records to prove that.
Once the defense began calling witnesses, it was a forensic scientist from Maryland State Police that testified to what could be a weak link in the state's case.

The scientist told the jury that at least three contributors were found on the DNA swab from the gun in question.
However, only one DNA sample was strong enough for a positive I.D. Joshua Perry, not Daquan Dickerson.

During cross-examination, the state did raise the question that environmental factors, such as sweaty hands, could have played a role in not being able to get other strong DNA samples off the weapon.

The case is set to wrap up Friday with both sides expected to give their closing arguments. Court is expected to resume at 9 a.m.

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