Curing that Cabin Fever

Curing that Cabin Fever

SALISBURY, Md. - The region is still feeling the effects of the blizzard that ripped through Delmarva this week.  Road conditions and snow drifts are still keeping may folks inside, causing Cabin Fever.  Some people are venturing out and braving the elements.

"I've been stuck in the house, well I live on the side street where they didn't plow, so we couldn't even order pizza because they wouldn't come down the street," says Salisbury resident Ian Lundberg.

"We've eaten most of the food in the house, the dogs are going nuts, they hate it.  And the cat is too," says Amanda Jackson, who finally was able to get out of her home for the first time since Wednesday night.

With over a foot of snow dumped on many parts of the peninsula, and motorists advised to stay home, folks are searching for ways to ward off boredom.  Parents are trying to find ways to keep kids occupied and active.  Others say they've been cleaning their homes.

"Reading, cleaning, a lot of cleaning.  I think we've got all of our laundry done.  And playing video games," says Jackson.

You can't treat it with a pill, or vitamins, but there are ways to kick the winter blues.

Health officials say its best to limit alcoholic drinks, reaching out to friends, and exercising can help when you are trapped indoors.

"I know just from my experience going out like this, this is why I'm out right now, is because I needed to walk around somewhere where I could not fall in a one foot snow drift," says Jackson.  "Having a roommate or somebody really helps because you have somebody to talk to other than the dogs and the cat.  And just get out when you can but being safe when you get out."

Frigid cold temperatures are expected throughout the end of the weekend.  However on Monday, the mercury is expected to rise, past the freezing mark

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