Crisfield's crime filled week

Crisfield's crime filled week

CRISFIELD, Md. - The crab capital has had other things to deal with this past week after an alleged arson and deadly shooting.

Early Friday morning, gunshots rang out in the Somers Cove Apartments, which took the life of 25-year-old Salisbury resident Mark Laquan Smith. Smith was staying with his girlfriend in the apartment complex when he was gunned down. We were able to speak with Smith's family who did not want to appear on camera. They say he was a good kid and that this news caught them off guard. 

"Upon their arrival they found an individual in the parking lot who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the upper torso, the body. At that  time he was pronounced deceased," said Crisfield Police Chief Michael Tabor.

Right now, there are no motives, suspects or witnesses in the case, but they are dealing with a couple leads. 

But, in just the last 3 days, Crisfield has transformed from a quiet town, into a place of rumors and fear. An arson at The Pizza Shoppe on Wednesday, a local favorite and a deadly shooting has shocked the community.

"Disappointment. Sadness. Dejected in a sense that it feels like it's out of control," is how resident Barry Riggin described it.

With so much going on in such a small town, there's talk that all of what's going on could be tied together.

"I actually spoke to the owner of the business up there this morning. At this point in time, we have nothing at this point and time to confirm that there's any relation whatsoever," said Tabor.

Police have no reason to believe that this is retaliation from the opioid forum which was held earlier this week. But whatever the cause is, residents hope that it all comes to an end soon.

"I think we've let it go a little too far, too long. So, it's just a very sad thing. It's sad because of what it does to the town, but sad of what it does to the youth," said Riggin.

The investigation is still on-going and we'll continue to update this story as more details become available.

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