Crisfield Police Department hosting meeting to bring community together to fight opioid crisis

CRISFIELD, Md. - Crisfield is hoping to attack the opioid crisis as well. 

The Crisfield Police Department is hosting a meeting tomorrow night to address the opioid epidemic. 

Crisfield Police Department says they have encountered several overdoses recently. 

Officers have also run into situations where they have used Narcan numerous times. 

We are told it's time to address this problem as a community.

At the meeting, they will identify drug deals and what community members can do to assist law enforcement. 

Beyond that, they hope to provide information about rehabilitation centers. 

Chief Tabor says, "It's very important for us to all get together as a community. We can't arrest our way around out of this problem. It's a community problem, it's a societal problem that we all have to work together to come to some type of agreement how we can deal with this problem together.

Tomorrow night the meeting will take place at the Crisfield Library at 5:30 and they encourage everyone to attend. 

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