UPDATE: Crisfield Councilman pleads guilty to prostitution solicitation

WICOMICO COUNTY, Md. - A Crisfield Councilman pleaded guilty to one count of prostitution solicitation in Wicomico County, on Tuesday.

According to online court records, 45-year-old Paul Erik Emely of Crisfield, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of prostitution solicitation. He was then sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation before judgment.

This comes after complaints from citizens and business owners in Wicomico County led to a Maryland State Police investigation on December 19 that resulted in multiple arrests. 

Court documents showed that the amount of money exchanged between the arrested individuals and an undercover MSP trooper ranged from $40 to $220 for sex.

Wendell Travers, a former Hurlock police chief, who was also charged, pleaded guilty to prostitution solicitation, last Friday.

He, Horace Wilson of Georgetown, Erica Reviere of Fayetteville, North Carolina and 71-year-old William Jackson of Cambridge, were also charged.

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