Crisfield announces waterline repairs

Crisfield announces repaires to...

CRISFIELD, Md. - The City of Crisfield has scheduled two major waterline repair projects for both Monday and Tuesday nights starting at 11 p.m. running through approximately 6 a.m.

City Manager Rick Pollitt says the more water lines the city uncovered the more they uncover unknown problems that needed to be addressed.

The Depot will be the first project Monday night into Tuesday morning and is part of the redevelopment of what Crisfield calls the 'green space setting' next to the city dock.

The other project on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning will be at Woodson Elementary School, where water was leaking out of the pipes, as Pollitt pot it, "right now, as we speak."

"In both cases we will repair faulty water lines so that we can depend on the water not leaking out, wasting water all over and try to upgrade and improve our system," said Pollitt.

As a precaution, Crisfield has also put out a boil water advisory to residents of all areas within city limits and outside of the town that is served by city water.

For more information on this advisory, you can call City Hall at 410.968.1333.

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