Construction underway for Coastal Highway project

Construction underway for Coastal...

OCEAN CITY, Md. - Ocean City is continuing work to keep pedestrians safe with a new project on Coastal Highway.  The project will replace existing medians with new fencing and LED lights.

The town hopes that by placing fencing along the highway's median it will force pedestrians to use the town's crosswalks.

We're told this project that's underway this week was a long time coming, and will be completed by Memorial Day, 2018.

"We're hoping that not only will this make it safer for pedestrians, but also drivers, as well, who sometimes in the evening don't see pedestrians crossing, so this should help drivers to see pedestrians that are on the roadways," said communications director Jessica Waters.

Now we are told that the town does not expect any major traffic congestion because of this project.

Waters tells 47ABC if there are effects on traffic, they will be posted on the Town of Ocean City's website.

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