Community reacts to arrest of local councilman

Community reacts to arrest of local councilman

CRISFIELD, Md. - Two public figures caught in the act, allegedly soliciting prostitutes. 

47 ABC is learning more about the arrests made Tuesday afternoon by Maryland State Police. 

According to authorities, Crisfield city council member Paul Erik Emely, also known as DJ Flea, and former Hurlock police chief Wendell Travers were arrested as part of a prostitution sting in Wicomico County.

Maryland State Police officials say that they launched the investigation after getting complaints from citizens and business owners. 

Over the past 24 hours people have been reacting to the news of the arrests with many in Crisfield saying they are shocked about the alleged actions of one of their councilmen. 

"I think it's just another self inflicted wound that Crisfield and Somerset doesn't need." 

A community in shock after learning about well-known Crisfield council member Paul Erik Emely,  who was known in some circles as DJ flea, had a run in with the law Tuesday afternoon. 

Many we spoke to say because of his position, he should have been more mindful of what he was doing. 

"If he is representing the people of the town he should be held to a higher morale standard than the public because he is a public figure," says one Crisfield resident. 

Emely is one of five that were arrested at a hotel in Delmar. According to court documents, it was there Emely gave $100 to an undercover trooper posing as a prostitute for sexual intercourse. 

Several Crisfield residents told 47 ABC the news of Emely took them by surprise, while others think differently. 

"I wasn't surprised. I read through the whole list of names online and it just didn't surprise me anymore. Those things don't shock me anymore." 

Emely will still get his day in court, but guilty or not some believe immediate consequences are necessary. 

"I think he should step down immediately because there are those of us here who think that behavior is wrong at all times." 

Another resident saying, "Hopefully we will start electing better people." 

47 ABC reached out to city hall Wednesday for a statement regarding this incident and we were told they won't be making one. 

Last night during a conversation with 47 ABC's Justina Coronel, City Manager Rick Pollitt said he was not prepared to release a statement, but did say that he was "working with the legal team and that together they would discuss ways for the city to move forward." 

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