Community rallies together to help tornado victims

Queen Anne's Community rallies...

QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY, Md. - In Queen Anne's County, the community is coming together to do whatever it takes to help their neighbors who were affected by the tornado.

Crews are working tirelessly to clear the roadways, cut down trees, and begin to patch up the homes that were hit the hardest.

Local churches and volunteers are also stepping in to help.

"It's amazing how people come together when you have something like this. It really is."

Just four days after a tornado tore through parts of Queen Anne's County, the community is doing everything they can to help those who need it most. 

One local group has even opened a 24 hour shelter and food pantry.

Sandi Wiscott, from Haven Ministries, Inc. says, "We really want to help the people and we want to give people a place that have no place. And the thing is that is so hard. And when everything's destroyed there is nothing. And to give them something when there's nothing, that's a great thing to do."

But Haven Ministries and Kent Island Methodist Church say their efforts would not be possible without the unending support and donations from community members

"It's been wonderful. There's been so much community outreach and pouring in here and so this can't be done without our wonderful volunteers that have come out and help organize and bring them down and so that's what we've been, that's pretty much what the clockwork's been doing here," explains Pastor Amor Woosley of Kent Island Methodist Church.

Even with the community hard at work to to clean up all the damage there's still some houses that are too damaged to restore.

"People have lost a lot and there's families displaced and we're here for them. And not only us as a church but as a community," adds Pastor Woosley.

It's a long road ahead for many of the families affected, but the community is pulling together to help any way they can.

"There will be a lot of rebuilding after the dust kind of sets. And so there will be a lot of assessing, needs assessing, what insurance is gonna cover and those types of things. The effect of, the big effect of the storm and so we're keeping our ears open and assessing, what's next? Where can we fill in the gap,' says Pastor Woosley.

The 24 hour shelter will be open all weekend long for anyone who needs a roof over their head or just a safe place with food and water.

It's located in Chester, MD at the Kent Island Methodist Church.

For more information visit Haven Ministries website.


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