Community rallies behind Bennett football family

Community rallies behind Bennett football family

SALISBURY, Md. - We've seen it time and time again, our community coming together after a tragedy. Friday was no different as we saw yet another example of how close-knit our community really is.

United between the lines, rivals will come together in solidarity for a beloved member of their football family.

That man is Bennett football Coach Glen Gibson, who is dealing with an overwhelming tragedy, the loss of his wife to pancreatic cancer.

They may not wear the same uniform, but they have all shared this field. They all have sweat, sacrificed, and triumphed between these lines.

Three schools defined by historic rivalries and a history of coming together.

At the end of the day when one community hurts all of them hurt.

This weekend they're coming together again, all three teams, taking time to honor a member of the Wicomico football family.

Bennett Football Coach Glen Gibson, who's wife Tracy ended her battle with pancreatic cancer earlier this week.

He's just an outstanding person and anytime someone like that is going through something tough we just want to even if its something small that we can do, just letting him know that we're here that we care about him that we're thinking about him and that he's in our thoughts and our prayers, says Wicomico High Principal Don Brady.

For two days the community will come together and led by their football teams, they'll hold moments of silence, wear bracelets, and share messages of love across social media.

Its vital that we recognize the amount of effort and energy that is put forth by Coach Gibson and we just want to support him and support their community because we know that its a tough time, says Parkside Head Football Coach Brendan Riley.

He's just a good guy and a great family and we want them to do the best they can even though it is a troubling time, explains Brady.

So whether they bleed green and white or blue and gold, they are all one family supporting each other through every hurdle that is thrown their way.

At the end of the day if we have more people doing those things I think we're in a better situation, Riley says.

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